Our Coffee

All of us at Apocalypse Coffee Roasters take the impending end of the world very seriously. That's why we have created The Last Coffee You'll Ever Need! Between the martians, robots and T1000s; we need to stick together. We've spent over 25,000 hours perfecting our roasts, we know you will taste the difference.

So here is the 411: We only source organically grown coffee. Our roastmaster continues to traverse the globe in search of the world's finest coffee. They've handpicked the highest quality coffee farms that adhere to the practices necessary to earn the Organic Fair Trade Seal of Approval. No nasty foreign agents or alien additives; just soil, beans, water and sun. We love that warm fuzzy feeling knowing our coffee is 100% the real deal.

Our partner farms produce the best coffee varieties. From Bali in Indonesia to the Rainforests of Costa Rica, we promise to only feature the best of what coffee has to offer. The notes of citrus, deep chocolate, black cherry, strawberry jam and vanilla highlight what makes our coffee blends stand apart.

Our growing partners have beautiful farms where each coffee plant is grown under shade trees; they mature slowly, locking in immense flavor as the coffee cherries ripen. The coffee beans are hand-selected and sun-dried before they are processed and exported. We use only eco-friendly technology to roast and package our blends. Please be sure to stop by the Mothership and say hi to our friendly team. We will be happy to show you around and give a peek at the process.

When we have to head to the bunker, we will be prepared and caffeinated. We hope you will join us on this journey.

Pick the right coffee Coffee Quiz


French Press + Cold Brew

Coarse grinds are chunky. Similar to coarse sea salt.


Drip Coffee Maker + Pour overs

In between coarse and medium. Looks like rough sand.


Espresso + Moka Pot

Most pre-ground coffee comes like this. Finer than table salt.