Our Story

All those first sip feels! Just like an IV drip of caffeine to start your day. We know how important that first cup can be, and we here at Apocalypse Coffee Roasters strive to serve up only the very best.

We are proud to be a family run business on the beautiful Space Coast in Melbourne, Florida. Just think of us as an extended part of your family, just really really jumpy.

Our locals are already in on the fun, and we take great pride when you welcome us into your home to join in on the dysfunction that is your morning routine. So sit back, relax and hit the subscribe button to never run out, as no one wants to be caught off guard when the Martians land.

Our serious factor only extends to The Last Coffee You will Ever Need. We look forward to seeing you at the Mothership. Any questions, feedback or if you want to know our favorite movies, you can reach us here.

Mission Control Details:
Over 25,000 hours spent by our roast master to guarantee the best first sip on the planet.

Let's break that down:
Seconds: 90,000,000 (yeah that's 90 million)
Minutes: 1,500,000
Days: 1,041
Weeks: 148
Years: 2.85

Plain and simple, We Love Coffee, and Apocalypse is our labor of love. We have spent more time in the lab, roasting, brewing and sipping than all the episodes of the Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, Night Rider, Baywatch, Growing Pains, Full House, Jeopardy and even Wheel of Fortune combined. And Pat and Vanna have been busy! That should tell you our level of dedication.